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    $40.00 $32.00

    Koure Ghost

    Natural Beauty is Endangered but it shouldn't be. Each giraffe's spot pattern is as unique as a finger print, and our muse is originality uninfluenced by control. This natural condition cant be duplicated, so we combined the unique spot pattern of the Nigerian Giraffe with a pattern inspired by Nigerian textiles.The name Koure originates in Niamey, Africa. Koure is the high point in West Africa where endangered Nigerian Giraffes congregate.  No Zoo, just natural life. Nature X Order
    • Poly Cotton Crown
    • Rubber Emblems
    • Leather Strapback
    $40.00 $32.00
    $40.00 $32.00
  • $40.00

    Vintrack – Yacht Club

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    Vintage look inspired by OG track jackets from the 90s. Fashion is temporary, but style is timeless. This is the perfect crown upgrade.
    • Cotton Twill Crown
    • Multi Panel Patch Work
    • Nautical Flag Side Panel
    • Yacht Club Emblem